What are the purchase knowledge of children’s clothing?

Nowadays, the family and children’s clothing styles and fabrics are endless; the details in life give the subtle future, rather than overnight events.

Children’s clothing will change at different ages, and the level of consumption will be different.

Different consumption, the same way of shopping, you can choose the clothing that suits your child according to your child’s preferences and wearing precautions. You can pay attention to the following types.

Five, easy to wash6

First, the style

Children should not dress too loosely or tightly close to the body. It is inconvenient and difficult for children to wear; it will cause sweating to the child or it will not stretch the bones.

Five, easy to wash5

Second, color

It is not easy to be too fancy and strong in color when picking children’s clothing colors. Too much dyeing is not very good for baby’s skin; especially some baby skin sensitive people should carefully consider the selection.

Five, easy to wash4

Third, soft

Children’s clothing is too hard or metal-like clothing, shoes can be worn less, less to participate in some special activities or public welfare activities; often cause the child’s bones to grow.

Five, easy to wash3

Fourth, the elasticity

Although the child’s clothes should be tight and thick, for different seasons of clothing, the choice of elastic or more elastic quality, you can have a stretch when the baby activities or fall can support the child’s body is not injured.

Five, easy to wash1

Five, easy to wash

Some clothes will be marked with a reminder that it is not easy to wash on the tag. It is not recommended to buy more.

The child’s own activity is strong, sweating will be more than adults, there will be some cells in the clothes that are not washed regularly, and long-term wear will cause eczema.

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